Case Study: Bay Community Health Clinic



n 2015, Kathleen Schachman received funding for a grant that established a clinic in Bay City initially called the University Clinic, later, the Bay Community Health Clinic. Their goal was to provide primary care to those who were most vulnerable in the area. Many people who have serious mental health illnesses were not getting the physical care that they needed.

In addition, Schachman wanted to engage her students in the health profession to gain experience working in a clinical site. However, the engagement in the clinic didn’t start off strong. Schachman says, “We were seeing about two patients today. We needed to do something better, something different.”

image of the first math workbook
Sample of student work

The Logo and Brand Style was designed by Kelly Sievert, SVSU Graphic Design Major, and Cardinal Solutions Specialist.

photograph of  teacher and students using Problem Solving Maps method
image of the first math workbook


Schachman was watching a presentation from Professor Blake Johnson of Cardinal Solutions and was impressed with the work they had done. She reached out to get a plan started for the Bay Community Health Clinic.

Because it was a student-led organization, Cardinal Solutions was a great learning opportunity for everyone involved. Kelly Sievert, graphic design student, was responsible for creating marketing material from printed signs to a bus wrap. She says, “I enjoyed creating materials that were printed and visible on the walls of the clinic. It was a unique experience to go in-person and take measurements for my signs.”

Schachman worked with students in graphic design, technical writing, and business to create a new name and marketing materials for the clinic. When meeting with these students, Schachman had to rethink her mission and vision for the clinic. She says, “We hadn’t had those conversations before, and it forced us to go back to the drawing board. We had to think through what we wanted to accomplish.


Cardinal Solutions was able to provide the Bay Community Health Clinic with a variety of materials:

• A new name for the clinic
• A new logo
• A website
• Brochures
• Marketing campaigns

image of the first math workbook

The proposed new site is formatted for smartphones, tablets, and computers.

image of the first math workbook
image of the first math workbook

The design proposal for a bus wrap marketing the Health Clinic.


Getting involved with Cardinal Solutions helped the clinic be more visible to the community. Once the web presence and the marketing campaign were established, the clinic saw around 400 patients who were regularly getting care. Schachman says, “Cardinal Solutions helped us craft our message and get it out to the community. It helped turn things around; it made us a viable clinical placement site.”

Cardinal Solutions Logo
“Cardinal Solutions brings students of various majors together to solve problems for local businesses and non-profits. This program seeks to improve higher education, and our communities.”

– J. Blake Johnson

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