Case Study: Discover Great Lakes Bay



aginaw Future’s Steve Jonas and Greg LaMarr with assistance from an SVSU intern, Riley Hupfer, helped lay the foundation for Discover Great Lakes Bay. It is a successful talent retention and attraction initiative targeting young professionals and connecting them to employers in the Great Lakes Bay Region.

The organization wanted to establish an online presence for themselves through social media and a new website. This would also help create their brand identity that reflects on their values. LaMarr reached out to Professor Blake Johnson at Cardinal Solutions for help.

image of the first math workbook
Sample of student work

The Logo and Brand Style was designed by Brian Raymond, SVSU Graphic Design Major, and Cardinal Solutions Specialist. Logo animation by Zach Sklener who also created the Discover Great Lakes Bay video series.

photograph of  teacher and students using Problem Solving Maps method

The website content was writen by Dustin Dehne and designed in WordPress by Charles Hutchins. The new site is formatted for smartphones, tablets, and computers. It presents key information for all counties in the Great Lakes Bay Region.

image of the first math workbook

The videos were recorded live, and on location, edited and produced by Zach Sklener. Drone footage was created by Prof. Rhett Mohler, federally licensed drone operator.



When working with Cardinal Solutions, LaMarr was able to collaborate with many different faculty and students who contributed a variety of skills to the project. Graphic designers and technical writers created a social media campaign and designed a website for the Discover Great Lakes Bay and Coming Home Event brands.

Technical writing student, Dustin Dehne, helped build the website from scratch and created a document plan for an event to showcase all the talent in the Great Lakes Bay Region. This plan helped the organization put a face to the name and expand their reach in the community. Dehne says, “These experiences helped me prepare for the professional world in such a unique way. In a sense, it started my professional career before it even began.”


Cardinal Solutions provided Discover Great Lakes Bay with the website for both the organization and their Coming Home Event. They also worked on a social media campaign that is still being used today on the company’s social media. This campaign attracted thousands of followers and hundreds of Coming Home Event attendees.

LaMarr worked directly with Cardinal Solutions on these projects and notes his experience with the students. He says, “Cardinal Solutions students were fun, openminded, and creative. Many of their concepts and ideas were utilized in the final product.”

image of the first math workbook

The new site is formatted for smartphones, tablets, and computers.

image of the first math workbook
image of the first math workbook
image of the first math workbook


Discover Great Lakes Bay still uses the website and social media campaign created by Cardinal Solutions. Their initiative benefited from this process, resulting in two in-person and two virtual Coming Home Hiring Events that connected hundreds of young professionals with regional employers. LaMarr says, “I would recommend Cardinal Solutions for small businesses and non-profits. They made a huge impact with their marketing and branding campaigns.

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“Cardinal Solutions brings students of various majors together to solve problems for local businesses and non-profits. This program seeks to improve higher education, and our communities.”

– J. Blake Johnson

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