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n 2021, Fresh Aire Samaritan Counseling Center was looking for a way to update their website that would be impactful for recruiting new therapists and finding patients. They also wanted to make sure their current patients would have an easier time finding their locations and making appointments with their therapists. Their current website was difficult to navigate and wasn’t easy to manage.

Fresh Aire decided to talk to a current member of their organization who had experience working with Cardinal Solutions. He recommended that they reach out and ask for help, ensuring that we would give them exactly what they needed to solve their problem.

image of the first math workbook
Sample of student work

The Logo and Brand Style was designed by Ruby Lee Hotelling, SVSU Graphic Design Major, and Cardinal Solutions Specialist.

photograph of  teacher and students using Problem Solving Maps method

The new site was designed by Cardinal Solutions Specialist Haley Smathers. The site test, site map, and usability studies were provided by Cardinal Solutions Specialist Maria Bertoia.


After meeting with Cardinal Solutions, Fresh Aire worked closely with students and faculty advisors to create material. Professor Blake Johnson and Dr. Brad Herzog facilitated meetings and helped students with website design and supporting text.

Students Maria Bertoia, technical writer, and Haley Smathers, web designer, worked closely with the team at Fresh Aire to make the new website on Wix. Bertoia conducted a usability study on the website to ensure that patients at Fresh Aire would be able to navigate the new site. She says, “Usability is an important factor when designing a new website. It creates a positive experience for users.”

Ruby Hotelling, graphic designer, was responsible for creating a new logo for the website and designed mockups for Fresh Aire to use on multiple marketing materials. This logo can be seen on the new website and has been updated on all printed material for the organization.


Cardinal Solutions was able to help Fresh Aire improve their digital presence and create a positive web experience for new and current patients. Renee Deroche, Executive Director at Fresh Aire, says, “I can’t thank the team at Cardinal Solutions enough for the work they’ve done. It’s incredible to see where we’ve started and how our organization looks now with this new website.”

Fresh Aire was provided with the new website and logo, as well as a brand manual. They were given instructions on how to use the new hosting site to ensure that the organization would be able to maintain and update the website easily.

image of the first math workbook

Photos were taken by Cardinal Solutions Specialists Mandy Brown and Ruby Lee Hotelling.

image of the first math workbook
image of the first math workbook
image of the first math workbook


Fresh Aire has had a positive outcome to the new materials, with website traffic increasing every month. Cardinal Solutions helped improve the visibility of Fresh Aire on platforms such as Google and have made it easier for patients to find the organization. With the instructions provided by Cardinal Solutions, the team has started their own blog posts and have received positive feedback from their readers.

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– J. Blake Johnson

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