Case Study: Jib Box



n 2019, Kevin Kennett became interested in creating a product that would benefit his local community. As he was getting ready to leave the finance industry, Kennett wanted to stay involved in the business industry. After doing some market research, he realized the need for package protection and security during a time where online purchases are thriving.

He came up with Jib Box, a delivery box that is designed to protect packages from theft and weather. After doing some research on his own, Kennett met with the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center headquartered at Saginaw Valley State University. They put him in touch with Professor Blake Johnson at Cardinal Solutions to help create marketing materials.

image of the first math workbook
Sample of student work
image of the first math workbook

The Logo and Brand Style was designed by Kelly Sievert and Zachary Sklener, SVSU Graphic Design Majors, and Cardinal Solutions Specialist.

photograph of  teacher and students using Problem Solving Maps method

Work included the backdrops for tradebooth displays.


After meeting with Johnson, Kennett was put in touch with a variety of students in Cardinal Solutions. He worked with graphic design and technical writing students to complete an assortment of promotional material.

In addition, Kennett worked closely with marketing students to do competitive analysis for his product. The market research allowed him to create promotional ideas and design for a target audience. Kennett says, “This process worked well for me. I got a lot of good ideas from both students and faculty in Cardinal Solutions.”


Jib Box was designed to prevent damage and ensure security but needed to be different than other designs nationwide. Kennett was able to alter his design to make it easier for delivery workers to access the box but maintain protection for customers. With the help of Cardinal Solutions, Jib Box was transformed from an idea to a real product. Alexis Stacy, student videographer for the project, comments, "After shooting a few different variations of the commercial, we were able to settle on something that helped Jib Box stand out."

Kennett and the Cardinal Solutions Team worked together to make Jib Box available on an online platform. Having an ecommerce website was important to Kennett because it made it accessible a larger audience. Because Jib Box is meant to protect deliveries, an online purchasing system made sense.

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Videos were shot and edited by Alexis Stacy, SVSU Graphic Design Major, and Cardinal Solutions Specialist.

image of the first math workbook

When we design a new logo, we also create a Brand Standards Manual. This booklet shows how to use the logo in color, black & white, as well as how to apply the logo to standard design elements and lastely, what to avoid doing to the logo so the owner can strengthen their brand.

image of the first math workbook


Cardinal Solutions helped Kennett put together all the materials he needed to jumpstart his business. They were able to provide a variety of marketing material:

• Logo
• Brand Standards Manual
• Videos
• Brochures
• Website
• Online Sales (Ecommerce)

Kennett says, “I would have never been able to start my business without the help of Cardinal Solutions. I got to collaborate with students while creating a product I was proud of. It was an enjoyable process.”

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“Cardinal Solutions brings students of various majors together to solve problems for local businesses and non-profits. This program seeks to improve higher education, and our communities.”

– J. Blake Johnson

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