Cardinal Solutions: From idea to finished product, your success is our goal.

Outstanding outcomes for organizations and students

Cardinal Solutions is an interdisciplinary faculty/student team that works directly with local businesses and non-profits to develop marketing solutions. Students analyze an organization’s goals, determine marketing needs and with the input and approval of the business, develop effective solutions.

In many ways this small group of students function as a business themselves with each student offering expertise in their discipline to ensure the success of the project. The result is outstanding outcomes for businesses and students.


Cardinal Solutions can provide many services to an organization. Including;
- web design
- web hosting
- technical writing
- logo design
- brochure design
- business analysis
- database management
- app design
- geomapping
- information architecture
- usability testing
   See Examples


In order to ensure that each project is a success, commitments are made by both students and clients.

Clients agree to… - meet with faculty and students on campus a minimum of three times
- work with students to approve the new material on schedule
- use the chosen solution for a minimum of one year
- allow media coverage announcing the project completion
- propose a budget for the production of marketing materials
See Sample Client Contract

Students agree to… - thoroughly research the organization's product/service, brand, market and marketing approach
- generate ideas and propose solutions
- determine roles, responsibilities, and timeline competition of elements
- adapt solution to proposed budget
- present proposal to faculty for approval/adjustment
See Student Responsibilities Outline

Cardinal Solutions: the interdisciplinary faculty/student team that develops marketing solutions.