There are several reasons why a student would want to be part of Cardinal Solutions — experience, scholarships, and credits. It is our opinion that of these experience is the most important. That is because by practicing your major you will cement your understanding of your discipline, and by working with students of other majors you will gain the soft skills not normally developed by those who only take traditional classes.

These so-called “soft skills” are important attributes needed to navigate your future career. Examples include: adaptability, problem-solving, team work, creativity, communication (both written and verbal), empty and collaboration. By solving real-life problems, while working with actual clients, we are confident that you will gain many of these skills, as well as a greater appreciation for other majors and their talents.

We do admit Cardinal Solutions will probably be more challenging than your typical classroom environment. Come to Cardinal Solutions with the mindset needed to meet that challenge.


Cardinal Solutions has high standards for students that participate. Students will interact directly with the client. Therefore it is imperative that they are excellent communicators and honest in their assesments of the project and its progress.

Students are also expected to participate in all weekly meetings (normally held on Fridays). And to complete their work in a timely manager (as the work of others often relies on your work.)

When working with Cardinal Solutions you are part of our team. Team players cooperate and support one another. We look forward to having these kinds of students on our team.

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We believe Cardinal Solutions provides an important value to students — the opportunity to work on interdisciplinary teams on real client projects. Typically each Cardinal Solutions team is made up of students of various majors. Normally you are the only major representing your discipline. Therefore, you carry the responsibilities specific to your major, and other team members are relying you to complete your tasks so they can finish theirs.

In Cardinal Solutions you will work directly with the client to answer questions, present solutions, and craft the final product. Typical internships to not normally offer you this type of direct communication and key responsibilities.


Students can earn a scholarship through Cardinal Solutions. Students are only awarded the scholarship after the project is completed. (Project assignments are normally set for a single term, however clients can work with Cardinal Solutions for several terms). Students will be given a clear outline for the work to be completed. However please know that working with real clients will require flexibility and patience, as clients may change their mind as the project progresses. If you have diligently completed all of your tasks allowing the project to progress by stages, then you will be awarded the scholarship in full at the end of the term.

The standard amount for student scholarships is $600. It will take some weeks after the end of the term for those funds to get to you. First your performance will need to be approved by the professors working on the Cardinal Solutions project, this information will be shared with SVSU Sponsored Programs, who will then approve the funds for your scholarship, that information is passed on to the SVSU Controller’s Office who sends the funds to SVSU Financial Aid. (Note: if you have any outstanding debts owed to the university, the scholarship will be applied to those debts first).

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Students can also earn credits through participating in Cardinal Solutions. This does not happen automatically, you need to work with a professor of your major to structure your time in Cardinal Solutions as an Independent Study. That can be done by having a professor in your major agree to an Independent Study, and by completing the Independent Study form.

Below is a sample of how we suggest you fill out the Independent Study form. Click here to download the Independent Study form. Note: these forms will need to be signed by the Department Chair and Dean of your college before being submitted.

Professors that often serve in Cardinal Solutions

J.  Blake Johnson

Department of Art

Professor of Art/Graphic Design

Brad Herzog

Department of Rhetoric and Professional Writing

Professor of Rhetoric and Professional Writing

Mohamed Adel

Department of Accounting, Law & Finance

Visiting Assistant Professor of Finance

George P. Corser

Department of Computer Science and Information Systems

Assistant Professor of Computer Science & Information Systems

Izabela I. Szymanska

Department of Management/Marketing

Associate Professor of Management

Danilo Sirias

Department of Management/Marketing

Professor of Management

Photo of Cardinal Solutions Professors

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Cardinal Solutions labors diligently to promote the minority populations in and around the Great Lakes Bay Region, such as the city of Saginaw. We serve and support nonprofits that promote diversity, equity and inclusion.

Cardinal Solutions is committed to enriching academic experiences through the advancement of diversity, equity, inclusion, anti-racist, and anti-oppressive practices.

Cardinal Solutions Professors and students understand that promoting diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) both within and beyond Cardinal Solutions is critical to carrying out our mission to connect the SVSU campus with surrounding communities to create partnerships and opportunities for social, economic, and professional development.

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“Cardinal Solutions brings students of different majors together to solve problems for local businesses and non-profits. This program seeks to improve higher education, and our communities.”

– Prof. J. Blake Johnson

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