Case Study: Musico Lessons



n 2017, Domingo Vasquez, founder of Musico, recognized the need for an improved online presence as his business grew. Vasquez specializes music lessons for children and adults with special needs by using a copyrighted colored keyboard method. He wanted to reach out to more students to give them access to tools that will help them learn in a unique way.

The occupational therapy team at Saginaw Valley State University heard about Vasquez’s teaching methods and decided to do a two-year capstone study on the benefits of the colored keyboard on children with autism. In return, the team put him in contact with Professor Blake Johnson at Cardinal Solutions.

image of the first math workbook

The Logo and Brand Style was designed by Brian Raymond, SVSU Graphic Design Major, and Cardinal Solutions Specialist.

Sample of student work
image of the first math workbook

The new website was designed by Colin Mealey, SVSU Graphic Design Major, and Cardinal Solutions Specialist.


When working with Cardinal Solutions, Vasquez was able to brainstorm with other students and professors in multiple areas of study. Graphic design students were able to produce a new logo, which was then registered as a trademark for Music. Brian Raymond, graphic design major, designed a new logo and branding identity for Music. He also worked on the first iteration process for a mobile application. Raymond says, “It was a nice blend of creation and calibration that landed us on a solution and product that both the client and Cardinal Solutions as a whole were happy with.”

In addition, students created letterhead, envelopes, and a website for Vasquez. He then worked with technical writing majors to produce marketable literature for the website. During the design process, Vasquez met with marketing professors and students to create a business plan for Music. He says, “They did a ton of work and gave me great advice. Some things you feel so passionate about, you have to make it work.”


In addition to the design materials created through Cardinal Solutions, they were also able to create a mock-up of an app for Vasquez to take his business to the next level. He was given a booklet with multiple marketing materials to set him up for success.

Vasquez says, “Working with everyone was the best experience. They were so passionate about what they do, you can tell the students cultivate creativity and open-mindedness.”

image of the first math workbook

Our proposal included a working app mock-up, which applies the Musico system to the screen. The foundational research into the app was done by Lina Davis, SVSU Graphic Design Major, and Cardinal Solutions Specialist.

photograph of  teacher and students using Problem Solving Maps method
image of the first math workbook
image of the first math workbook
image of the first math workbook


Cardinal Solutions was able to provide Vasquez with business materials that make him confident in his services. He comments, “As a business owner, having something professional makes me feel more confident and happier. It can affect customer decisions.”

Vasquez has noticed a significant increase in visitors on his website since working with Cardinal Solutions. His next goal is to work on developing the app to help students access materials on the go. Vasquez says, “Cardinal Solutions has opened a lot of doors for me. I recommend them to anyone who will listen.”

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“Cardinal Solutions brings students of various majors together to solve problems for local businesses and non-profits. This program seeks to improve higher education, and our communities.”

– J. Blake Johnson

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