Cardinal Solutions is an interdisciplinary faculty/student team that works directly with local businesses and non-profits to develop marketing solutions. Students analyze an organization’s goals, determine marketing needs and with the input and approval of the business, develop effective solutions.

In many ways, this group of students functions like a business. Each student contributes expertise from their respective discipline, which ensures the success of the project. The results are exceptional for businesses, nonprofits, and the students.

Services We Provide…

- Web Design
- Grant Writing
- Technical Writing
- Logo & Branding Design
- Brochure Design


- Business Analysis
- Database Management - Web Hosting
- App Design
- Information Architecture
- Signage & Wayfinding Design


- Usability Testing
- Videography
- SWOT Analysis
- Competitor Analysis
- Social Media Campaigns

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“Cardinal Solutions brings students of various majors together to solve problems for local businesses and non-profits. This program seeks to improve higher education, and our communities.”

– J. Blake Johnson

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